bldg would like to thank the partners without whom our work would just be a bunch of random electrons rumbling around a computer.



All the photographs on our site sans the 'work in progress' photos and America's Promise are by Paul Warchol.


General Contractors

Davis Construction: ACLI

DFS Construction: Alliance for American Manufacturing, Nelson Mullins

HITT Construction: 901 Seventh Street

Rand Construction: Notable Solutions

Regency Construction: SFI, Uber, American Forest Foundation, Ifrah Law, Micropact

Quest Builders Group: New York Advisory Firm

Honorable Mentions

Sustainable Forestry Initiative — carpet: Masland, casegoods: Darran  

New York Advisory Firm — carpet: Bentley, casegoods: Darran 

Alliance for American Manufacturing — carpet:Tandus, casegoods: Watson Desking 

American Forestry Foundation — carpet: Shaw, wood donations: John Burke, casegoods: Darran 

Micropact— systems furniture: Inscape, carpet: Shaw, porcelain tile: Mosaic Tile Company 

Notable Solutions — systems and office furniture: Haworth ACLI~ millwork: Imperial Woodworking 

There are many others the deserve a mention, but our reps are the best! Special thanks to Alisa Lange from Design Products, Robin Wasserman from Bentley, Zach Mowers from Tandus-Centiva, Kelli Johnston from Shaw, Daisy Hopkins from Maharam, Ryan Keiser from J+J Flooring, Brian Walsh from Federated Lighting for their incredible support and letting us beat them up over pricing and lead times over and over.


Richard Benn from PT Sales has been very helpful! John Ramsey for his incredible superintendent work on AFF and UBER, James and Mark Marple, the same for AAM and Scott Delimater for Micropact. Lucy, Mindy, Eric, Ganon, Ben, Greg, Klug, Bill, Brian, Laurent, Adam, Dave, Ellen, Doug, Norman, Matt, Paul, Annie.....thank you all for your support.

The icons on our "stuff we like" page were created by the following individuals: Martin Lebreton, Scott Lewis, Joey Golaw, David Swanson, Anbileru Adaleru, Mcarranza, Thi Dieu Linh, Jacob Halton, Arturo Alejandro Romo Escartin, Amy Schwartz, Sachan, Lloyd Humphreys, Bryan Anderson & Roy Greenfield.

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