Once a year we take a quick break from designing and drawing office spaces to flex our creative muscles in a slightly different way.

Ever since our little company was founded we've chosen to give Halloween gifts instead of the more classic holiday gifts in December. Our clients, leasing agents, landlords and the organizations we work with throughout the year now look forward to a slightly creepy or spooky gift on October 31st.

In this years installment of a gift-that-is-really-weird-but-hopefully-not-TOO-gross we decided to go with a coffin theme!

We knew we wanted to go with a coffin theme and we found perfect sized cardboard coffins in an online "mortuary novelty shop." From there we brainstormed about what to fill them with. We had been eyeing the severed toe and ear cookies since last Halloween so we quickly decided on those as two of the items. Each cookie is unique, hand painted and hilariously realistic.

The eyeball and the rat make up the two other main items and are actually cake truffles made by an awesome company in Jacksonville, FL.

Accoutrements (if you will) to the main items included realistic (and root beer flavored!) gummy worms, candy bats, candy bloody bones and custom m&ms. Finally, to ensure that recipients knew who the gift was from (haha!) we included custom chocolates and small cards with our contact info.

All of the items were artfully arranged and rested on a luxurious bed of red satin. :P

To round out the gift one of our designers illustrated the skeleton graphic for the top of the coffin and we had it printed on custom stickers. And that's it!

Brainstorming these gifts is something we look forward to each year. We're so thrilled with how the coffins came together that we almost want to start prepping for bldg Halloween 2017! (Almost)

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